Wk 11 – Turning Pages

This week was very different in a sense where the class was asked to look at our school and the way we use it differently. Our guest artist Marta Troya, who is from Spain,  asked us to look at how our bookstore and our library have been used. Before a bookstore only used to have books, and books would be the main focus (as it should be), however a lot us know that now our bookstore is filled with  school merchandise and is more of a store than a bookstore. Similarly, our library now has a Starbucks on the first floor, where a whole section of books used to be. I found this really eye opening when Marta pointed this out. I really think that taking children’s books and sitting on the first floor where we normally wit for computers was really cool because we were kinda being loud and breaking the “rules: in a way but it was interesting to see how the people were reacting to us and I liked being in the center of the experiment. Afterwards when we went to the bookstore to roam and see what it had to offer  found a teddy bear which I thought was unusual to sell at a bookstore which is why I thought to take picture with it (also because it was really cute)! Overall I loved Marta’s take on our activity and I loved her vision of basically “thinking outside of the box”. Sometimes it’s good to think that way because being able to see things from different perspectives in my view is a good trait to have.


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