Wk 12 Location Based Gaming

This week’s activity was the most fun. I found one geocache in the StubHub Center parking lot. It was on a light pole hidden under the metal frame as you can see in the picture. When I found it I was so happy and my boyfriend and I had our dog as well. It was a fun little adventure. After we found one we also placed one not too far from where we found the first one. The coordinates to the geocache I hid are 33.864530 Latitude and -118.265088 Longitude. Overall it was pretty easy. The only downfall was that it was burning hot outside! I never would have thought that it was possible to hide a geocache in that location until I found it that was an eye opener. It made me realize that you have to think out of the box all the time when you are hiding a geocache. As far as mapping feelings and emotions into places, I think that’s absolutely true because I would want to hide something in a place that has significance to myself and only to myself. Feelings and emotions are always tied into the places we go to, that’s life. Thanks for experience of geocaching because now it is one of my favorite things to do with my boyfriend and friends!!


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