Wk 13 Art Experience

My care package was for Kimberly Guttierez. It included two bottle caps of Snapple that have facts on the caps, a few hair ties, a candle, a finished perfume bottle of Burberry perfume and an iPhone charger. I included these things because learning new facts is always fun, Kim always loses hair ties, she loves candles, she likes the smell of Burberry perfume and she’s always breaking her iPhone chargers. It was a pretty cool experience making this because I really personalized it to her and it made me think about her personality and what she likes. It’s similar to sending a snapchat In a way that it tells the receiver of the “message” that you are thinking about them. It’s different because you are actually giving them a tangible item to keep whereas a snapchat only lasts no more than 10 seconds. I believe ephemera is precious because those times would never be forgotten but I do not think it would gain value over time. I mean keeping a ticket from a movie is a great keepsake because when you see it you remember the fun you had and the feelings you went through but that just happens every time you see it therefore its value basically stays the same; what it was remembered as. Yes because a snap chat is a piece of art because you are expressing yourself, but it’s no Mona Lisa, so what you send your friends may not be as popular as a painting in a museum. The time and effort put into something is always special. It’s always good to know someone spent their time on you; if it’s a form of art that someone wants to send anther person, for me, it really doesn’t matter how fast or slow I get it, just as long as I get it. The speed of how long it takes to be received makes has no difference on the significance. Yes you prepare a meal as fast as a McDonald’s and still make it with love. You still want to make sure someone doesn’t go hungry, you’re just making it fast so that they can eat faster but just the fact you are already making food for another person says a lot. An ACP can show love different from a snapchat because again you are using/giving tangible items to someone to keep. It’s not just a picture sent to a phone. Overall this experience was cool, I don’t know if I would do it again but it was a good idea!


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